Our Services

Our Services

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We offer a diverse range of comprehensive services, each tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients across various sectors.


Commercial, Industrial, Hospital, pharmaceuticals, Textiles, Residences, Shopping halls.


Commercial, Industrial, Residences, Hospitals, Hotels.


Cool Storage, Ice Plants, Deep Freezing, Process Water Cooling, Walk-in Coolers/Freezers


Industries, Buildings, Foundries, Metal shops, etc. drying and storing of farm crops.


Fruits, vegetables.

Environmental Control

Grain Storages, animal and plants, industrial wastes, smoke, pollution, chemicals.


Textiles, Woollen Mills.


Buildings of all types, industry, township, illumination.

Power Stations

Diesel, gas, turbine, grid and substations, cogeneration power plants.

Water System

Supply, purification, distribution.

Sewerage / Sewage Systems

Collection, treatment, disposal.

Drainage Systems

Storm Water.

Gas Systems

Layout, sizing, distribution.

Steam Systems

Layout, sizing, distribution.

Structural Designing

Building of all types

Fire Protection

Building and industries of all types.

Storage & Process Engineering

Grain, rice, food, seeds, fish, poultry, meat, fruit and vegetable.

Management Systems

Energy conservation. Human Resources. Organization. Marketing. Practical training on ISO 9000 management standards.

Control & Building Automation

HVAC, Video Surveillance, lighting, firefighting, water supply & sewerage, hospital management, billing etc.

Scope of Services


  • Site survey and site investigation
  • Pre-investment studies
  • Technical and feasibility studies
  • Master Planning
  • Project phasing and programme evaluation
  • Cost analysis
  • Economics appraisals
  • Technical assistance for financing and legal procedures


  • Preliminary engineering services design
  • Design drawings and reports
  • Working drawings
  • Specification and tender documents
  • Bill of quantities
  • Contract documents
  • Cost planning and control
  • Implementation programme
  • Tender evaluation
  • Design review
  • Value engineering


  • Pre-qualification of contractors
  • Adjudication of bids
  • Construction supervision
  • Advice on arbitration case
  • Certification of bills
  • Completion reports and drawings
  • Energization & commissioning of plant / equipment
  • Handing over / taking over
  • Inspection of materials & manufacturing
  • Testing of equipment / material and functions
  • Training of personnel
  • Systems for maintenance

Tiling & Paintings

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Laminate Flooring

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Wholesale Projects

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