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About Us

REMCA Associates is a consultant firm consisting of dedicated professionals who possess a vast store of technology and expertise. The firm takes the nucleus of an idea and helps turn it into reality, creating new horizons adorned with the ideal qualities of engineering services.

Established in 1977, REMCA Associates began its journey in the fields of Refrigeration, Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, and Air Conditioning. With a long list of prestigious projects to its credit, the firm’s consulting experience spans 46 years and encompasses a wide range of fields. REMCA’s diverse and versatile experience in different types of services places it at the forefront of the industry. Specializing in planning, development, implementation, design, review, and value engineering, the firm leverages its treasury of accumulated data, qualifications, and rich experience to deliver optimal efficiency and performance through custom-engineered projections.

Above all, Remca specializes in designing & and setting up shrimp & and fish hatcheries and farming under controlled environments including processing plants, blast freezing units, IQF, and cold storage from comfort (24°C), to low (0°C), to ultra-low temperature ( -60°C). Remca also assists in the marketing of the value-added items of aquaculture products in the local as well as international markets

Mr. Azim Ashraf, the Founding President of REMCA, was honored with a “Lifetime Achievement Award” in 2009 by the Pakistan HVACR Society. This award recognized his dedicated, sincere, and marvelous services in advancing the arts and sciences of Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration, with a focus on serving humanity and promoting a sustainable world.

Vision :

To be a global leader in engineering consultancy, delivering innovative and sustainable solutions that transform concepts into reality, pushing the boundaries of technology and expertise, and enriching the world with ideal engineering qualities.

Mission :

Our mission is to harness our 46 years of diverse experience and unparalleled expertise to provide tailored, quality-driven engineering services that meet the unique needs of our clients. We are committed to driving efficiency and performance through custom


REMCA’s organization is based on the Principle of providing highly specialized services to the clients at a reasonable cost. An impressive combination of technical know-how and practical experience in different fields of engineering can be offered to the clients through agreements with local and foreign associates while ensuring an economical and safe projection of any system.

The firm’s staff and associates have extensive experience in the design and implementation of engineering services. In addition, they are well qualified to undertake the new and modern techniques of research and its applications, particularly design reviews & value engineering.

Who We Are?



After doing his graduation from Karachi in Power Engineering, Azim Ashraf started his career in 1961 With Jaleel Brothers Ltd, Karachi (one of the leading company in air-conditioning) as an Application Engineer. He got training from WORTHINGTON & TRANE (USA) and he worked on various projects, particularly on Secretariat Building Phase-1 & Shehrzad Hotel, Islamabad (presently Foreign Affairs Office). In 1965, he was transferred to Lahore as Project Engineer at Wapda House and as Zonal Manager of Northern Zone.

In 1967, he joined Monnoo Group as Chief Engineer of HVAC&R Department and introduced HITACHI Japan in Pakistan.

In 1977, he started his own consulting business under the name & style of REMCA Associates, having speciality in system designing of textile industry, hotels, cold storages, commercial building & health care facilities. As consultants, REMCA has at its credit a long list of projects.

Azim Ashraf is a Founding Member of Pakistan HVACR Society & Member of ASHRAE, USA. On account of his dedicated, sincere & marvelous services for the HVAC&R profession over a period of 4 decades, he was conferred a “Life Time Achievement Award” by the Pakistan HVACR Society in 2009.

Azim Ashraf was elected as President of Pakistan HVACR Society (2017 – 2019 term) toadvance the arts and sciences of Heating, ventilating, Air Conditioning and Refrigerating to serve humanity and promote a sustainable world.

Our Team

Suhail Ashraf

Director Commercial / Admin



Dr. Muhammad Sharif

Head of Solar Energy

Qualification(Ph.D. Solar)


Umer Shafique

Procurement Officer

Qualification(MSc Purchasing & Supply Chain)


Muhammad Sarmad Sultan

Sr. Design Engineer

NTC# PE. Tech/Mechanical/00190

Qualification(B. Tech (Hons))


Muhammad Muneeb

Design Engineer

PEC# MECH-30398

Qualification(B.Sc. Mech)


Umar Abbas

Business Promotion Manager

PEC# MECH-25916



dr. tauseef aized

Director MEP / HVAC

PEC# MECH-10554

Qualification(Ph.D. Mech)


Dr. Ehsan Mehmood Bhatti

Head of Aquaculture

PEC# MECH-19300

Qualification(Ph.D. Zoology)


Nisar Mohy Ud Din

Head of LEED / Green Building Certification Energy & AI


Qualification(B.Sc. Eng MBA)


Sana Abbas

Procurement Officer

Qualification( MBA)


Mudassir Bhatti

Design Engineer

PEC# MECH-25916

Qualification( B.Sc. Mech)


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Organogram of REMCA

Policy / Obligation

REMCA Associates are completely independent consultants and retain absolute independence of action with regard to contractors and suppliers. They never accept any kind of favour, which might compromise the impartiality of their decisions or prejudice the performance of their duties to their clients and tend to influence their exercise of independent professional judgment.

We reiterate here our professional obligations. Our role will not end with the planning and design of project nor with its completion, but will continue to involve with the persons who use the equipment with their daily activities. The intensity and intricacy of the task is well realized. To accomplish such an ambitious goals, will require elaborate knowledge and experience of equipment, long term planning in anticipation of the technology and techniques required to exploit the flood of information thus collected. We stand committed to this conscious ideological approach and shall make every endeavour to be sincere to this professional commitment.

Why Choose REMCA

We are driven by the principle of offering highly specialized engineering services to our clients while maintaining cost-effectiveness. Our commitment to delivering value ensure that you receive top-notch solutions without braking the bank.

Our team boasts an impressive combination of technical know-how and practical experience across diverse engineering fields. We're well-equipped to provide you with the best of both worlds, ensuring the success of your project.

Through strategic partnerships with both local and foreign associates, we expand our capabilities and offer clients access to a broader pool of expertise. This network enables us to provide economically sound and safe projections for a wide range of systems.

We're not just experts in design and implementation; we're also proficient in the latest techniques of research and their practical applications. This includes design reviews and value engineering, where we continuously strive to enhance your projects with innovative and cost-effective solutions.

Transform Your Vision into Reality with Our Specialized Expertise

Our specialties include planning, development, implementation, design, review, value engineering & technical and vocational training.