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REMCA Associates is a consultant firm consisting of dedicated professionals who possess a vast store of technology and expertise. The firm takes the nucleus of an idea and helps turn it into reality, creating new horizons adorned with the ideal qualities of engineering services.

Decades of Dedication and Expertise

Our journey of nearly five decades (Since 1977) has been marked by a dedication to delivering the highest quality services, a commitment to sustainable practices, and a constant drive to stay at the forefront of technology.

Pioneer in Controlled Environment Solutions

Our extensive expertise encompasses a diverse array of applications, such as the establishment of shrimp and fish hatcheries, the design of advanced processing plants, the implementation of blast freezing units, IQF (Individual Quick Freezing) technology, and state-of-the-art cold storage solutions

Honored with a "Lifetime Achievement Award

Mr. Azim Ashraf, the Founding President of REMCA, was honored with a "Lifetime Achievement Award" in 2009 by the Pakistan HVACR Society. This award recognized his dedicated, sincere, and marvelous services in advancing the arts and sciences of Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration, with a focus on serving humanity and promoting a sustainable world.

About Us

Dedicated to Excellence: Delivering Quality and Results

REMCA, established in 1977, REMCA Associates began its journey in the fields of Refrigeration, Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, and Air Conditioning. With a long list of prestigious projects to its credit, the firm’s consulting experience spans 46 years and encompasses a wide range of fields. REMCA’s diverse and versatile experience in different types of services places it at the forefront of the industry. Specializing in planning, development, implementation, design, review, and value engineering, the firm leverages its treasury of accumulated data, qualifications, and rich experience to deliver optimal efficiency and performance through custom-engineered projections.

Above all, Remca specializes in designing & and setting up shrimp & and fish hatcheries and farming under controlled environments including processing plants, blast freezing units, IQF, and cold storage from comfort (24°C), to low (0°C), to ultra-low temperature ( -60°C). Remca also assists in the marketing of the value-added items of aquaculture products in the local as well as international markets.

About REMCA Associates

REMCA’s organization is based on the Principle of providing highly specialized services to the clients at a reasonable cost. An impressive combination of technical know-how and practical experience in different fields of engineering can be offered to the clients through agreements with local and foreign associates while ensuring an economical and safe projection of any system.

The firm’s staff and associates have extensive experience in the design and implementation of engineering services. In addition, they are well qualified to undertake the new and modern techniques of research and its applications, particularly design reviews & value engineering.

What We Offer

Field Of Activities

Scope of Services


  • Site survey and site investigation
  • Pre-investment studies
  • Technical and feasibility studies
  • Master Planning
  • Project phasing and programme evaluation
  • Cost analysis
  • Economics appraisals
  • Technical assistance for financing and legal procedures


  • Preliminary engineering services design
  • Design drawings and reports
  • Working drawings
  • Specification and tender documents
  • Bill of quantities
  • Contract documents
  • Cost planning and control
  • Implementation programme
  • Tender evaluation
  • Design review
  • Value engineering


  • Pre-qualification of contractors
  • Adjudication of bids
  • Construction supervision
  • Advice on arbitration case
  • Certification of bills
  • Completion reports and drawings
  • Energization & commissioning of plant / equipment
  • Handing over / taking over
  • Inspection of materials & manufacturing
  • Testing of equipment / material and functions
  • Training of personnel
  • Systems for maintenance

Tiling & Paintings

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Laminate Flooring

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Wholesale Projects

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Why Choose REMCA

We are driven by the principle of offering highly specialized engineering services to our clients while maintaining cost-effectiveness. Our commitment to delivering value ensures that you receive top-notch solutions without breaking the bank.

Our team boasts an impressive combination of technical know-how and practical experience across diverse engineering fields. We’re well-equipped to provide you with the best of both worlds, ensuring the success of your project.

Through strategic partnerships with both local and foreign associates, we expand our capabilities and offer clients access to a broader pool of expertise. This network enables us to provide economically sound and safe projections for a wide range of systems.

We’re not just experts in design and implementation; we’re also proficient in the latest techniques of research and their practical applications. This includes design reviews and value engineering, where we continuously strive to enhance your projects with innovative and cost-effective solutions.

When you choose REMCA Associates, you're making a choice for specialized, cost-effective excellence, backed by a team that combines the best of technical proficiency and practical experience while leveraging a global network of associates to bring you innovative solutions.

Establishment of 2 Shrimp (Vannamei) Hatcheries

One in South Punjab
One in Central Punjab

Establishment of 2 X High-value Fish (Seabass or equal) Hatcheries

One in South Punjab
One in Central Punjab

Establishment of 2 X Processing Plant / Cold Storage

One in South Punjab
One in Central Punjab

Recent Projects

Quality Excellence Beyond Compare

Refrigeration & Controlled Environment Projects

Project concerning food security under the Ages of Department of Fisheries, Punjab & Fishery Development Board Islamabad.

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Transform Your Vision into Reality with Our Specialized Expertise

Our specialties include planning, development, implementation, design, review, value engineering & technical and vocational training.


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